Jericho Squad is the combat arm of the U.S. government's Department of Occult Warfare, a section of the United States Special Operations Command. They are often said to be "doing the Church's dirty work for them".


Named after the Biblical reference to the Siege of Jericho, in which seven Israelite priests carried the Ark of the Covenant around the walls of Jericho and then blew their ceremonial horns on the seventh circuit and destroyed the city's walls in conjunction with the Ark's power, Jericho is made up of an unknown number of seven-man combat squads designated by little more than a number. None of its members know how many squads exist at any given time, or even how many squads existed before them.

Each member of these combat squads are Special Forces operatives, selected from all branches of the U.S. military, all experts in parapsychology, psionics, or occultism. Recruits can also be drawn from the civilian population, usually those with exceptional talent.

Admission CriteriaEdit

Admission into Jericho requires that each operative fulfill a certain series of requirements.

1. All candidates must be unmarried.
2. All candidates cannot be in regular contact with immediate family members.
3. All candidates are to undergo rigorous physical and mental conditioning, and be subject to exhaustive psychological profiling on a regular basis.
4. All candidates must possess some form of paranormal aptitude or demonstrable skill in an occult art, such as divination, telekinesis, alchemy, etc.

Primary DirectivesEdit

Each operative is the result of a fusion of flesh, spirit, and technology, and exist to fulfill three primary directives;

1. Advise and provide intelligence to the US intelligence community through the use of psionics and other occult means.
2. Defend the United States and its Allies from threats classified as paranormal, extraterrestrial, or beyond the perceived scope of reality.
3. Remain on constant 24-hour alert in the event of OPERATION GODSEAL.


Known members of Jericho Squad include, by seniority of rank;

1. Capt. Devin Ross
2. Capt. Xavier Jones
3. Father Paul Rawlings
4. Lt. Abigail Black
5. Sgt. Billie Church
6. Sgt. Frank Delgado
7. Cpl. Simone Cole
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