Arnold Leach was one of the main antagonists of the game Jericho.

Early LifeEdit

Not much is known about Leech's life before going into the Jericho team.

Arnold Leach was recruited into the DOW 1962 as an invoker. A scholar of Arcane books and forbidden texts, Leach was always obsessed with ancient gods and beings older than man. Lacking scruples and a proponent of Machiavellian methods to achieve his goals, it soon became clear that, with the knowledge of the DOW at his disposal, Leach was a potential threat to the very people he was supposed to be protecting. After several botched operations, Leach was expelled from the department. Secretly, his elimination was authorized.

The assassination attempt was a slaughter. Hundreds of civilians died when Leach, perhaps warned of the attempt on his life, caused several space-time rips in a crowded shopping center in Dallas. This created an opening for unspeakable abominations that spread chaos and destruction before the situation was brought under control. Several Jericho operatives were killed during the incident. For a time, it was believed that Leach had died during the ordeal or been dragged into another dimension.

Several years later, the Brotherhood of the Dark Rapture emerged. At first ignored as just another apocalyptic cult, it soon became clear that, with an investigation into the heinous acts committed across the globe by this group, Arnold Leach had returned.The Brotherhood of the Dark Rapture were responsible for gas attacks in Sydney, grisly murders in Baltimore, and a slew of vicious attacks against children in London and schools elsewhere around the world. Leach's intentions with these attacks were unclear as they seemed to have no apparent purpose: no curses, invocations, or rituals to make them into sacrifices. Leach's goal was actually uncovered after the fact by Jericho operative Frank Delgado; who ventured a guess that with all the vicious attacks launched by the group, they were trying to build up a massive negative charge to be released at one moment (a.k.a. a "Karma Bomb") In one moment, surrounded by his followers as they all committed suicide amongst great suffering, the dying Arnold Leach released all of the energy; tearing open the Breach once again.

Leach and his followers returned inside the Pyxis; though grotesquely malformed and disfigured. They attempted to thwart Jericho Team 23 as they made their way through the time-slices of the Box. He killed Captain Devin Ross, and posed as the Archangel Gabriel to the Crusaders. At the end of the ordeal, as the five remaining members of the team did battle with the Firstborn, Arnold Leach appeared again. Only this time, he seemed to have realized the error of his ways and the consequences of his action; destroying the Firstborn and possibly himself at the same time.