Med Roman enemy Blind.Behemoth

It's big, ugly, and always fantasizing of killing the Jericho squad.

Blind Behemoths are one of the Roman era units. They are easily the most deadliest and toughest enemies to fight in the entire game. They may be blind, but they're very aggressive and have extremely lethal melee attacks. They have different melee attacks and also have a leap attack which is by far the most the devastating one they perform at medium range.


a Blind Behemoth will always attack the player and players might want to switch to another character if they fear from dying. It's best to use Delgado due to his role is designed for close quarters and his minigun can do a good amount of damage. Black's grenade launcher can also do decently at farther range or Cole can throw grenades and use her slow down ability to do some damage to the creature. If the player wants to play it without switching a character, they must understand the Blind Behemoth's pattern very well and must do a lot of hitting and running.