The Brotherhood of the Dark Rapture is an apocalyptic terrorist-cult group created by Arnold Leach after his expelling from the Department of Occult Warfare. Not much is known about the group before Leach's opening of the Breach; except tht they performed a number of heinous attacks across the world. These attacks include gas attacks in Sidney(Australia?) ritual murders in Baltimore, and murdered children in London. It is presumed that there were more; as the game only references this listed handful. The Brotherhood of the Dark Rapture is believed to have awaited the coming of the Firstborn into the mortal world; and the attacks they perpetated to be building up a negative charge to be released at one moment (a Karma Bomb) to open the Breach. Leach and his followers committed suicide while torturing themselves and each other; and the dying Leach released very ounce of the negative charge, tearing open a massive portal (the Breach.)