Capt. Xavier Jones 2nd in command to the Jericho squad. He uses Astral Projection to take control of enemies or objects, most notably a support power due to the fact it leaves him vulnerable. He can use his powers to either spawn a Blood Ward or set an enemy or object on fire. The Firstborn brutally kills Jones with an electrical shock from the inside, along with Cole. Black seemed to have a fondness of Jones because she gets concerned whenever he was down. Black was most angered at the loss of Jones, in the ending.

Trivia: He uses the same weapon as Ross probably because of his close rank or out of respect to their leader,or for gameplay reasons so you can continue to use the shotgun.

It is unkown if Jones or/and Cole will return in Jericho II, with or against the team in the supposed sequel of Jericho I. Clive Barker announced that certain team mates will be replaced by other characters, not necessarily a human replacement.