Jericho corpse behemoth

An angry Corpses Behemoth appeared.

Corpses Behemoth are one of the units in the Crusader era. They are actually the very first unit that the Jericho squad will be facing in the third act. They are perhaps the most grotesque enemy in the entire game. Corpses Behemoth are also similar to the Explosive Cultist in a way where players will have to shoot a certain spot when they face them. Their main attack is essentially a breath of heavy amount of blood which surprisingly can kill a lot of the squad members effectively well. An interesting note is there is actually another Behemoth variation which is the Blind Behemoth. It is never known if both monsters are related.


Any of the characters can kill these gruesome beasts easily as long the players will take cover and pop out of cover at the right time. They are not really that challenging to fight overall despite of their gargantuan size and evil look.