A Cultist ready to fight.

Cultists are one of the standard units of Clive Barker's Jericho. They move fast and attack slow with a normal amount of damage. Cultists usually don't fear in death which is why they have the tendency to rush at their enemies. They have three type of attacks. Their first one is a normal slash, their second one is a launching hook to stun their enemies for a couple of seconds, and their last one is an ability to cast a quick-time event by jumping on a Jericho squad member and rapidly kill one (if you don't press the buttons on time). They are usually not too tough to kill, but it does take a couple of shots to take one down. The Cultist appeared 63% throughout the entire game.


Every character can easily kill a Cultist if it's done right. For example, Delgado's fire demon can actually kill a Cultist in one hit if a Cultist is getting too close to Delgado. Ross and Jones' Patrioteer can take them down with either 30-35 shots of their assault rifle, two shots of a shotgun from close range, or a combination. Black's sniper rifle can even kill a Cultist in one shot by doing a headshot. Usually when Cultists run up to you too close, their head becomes an easy target, so aim for it!


The Cultists is often stated as a unit that's being used too many times in the game. Game reviewers usually state the game repetitive for this unit and the Explosive Cultist. Some say that the Cultists doesn't do anything fancy, but just charge relentlessly and trying to slash the Jericho team without being afraid to die.