The Department of Occult Warfare is the United States of America's first, last, and only line of defense against hostile supernatural forces.


In a disused corner of the Army Chaplaincy Training School in South Carolina, a small collection of dilapidated bungalows and barracks serves as the secret headquarters of the most powerful and clandestine special forces unit in the U.S. arsenal.

The Department of Occult Warfare was founded in WWII to investigate reports that the Germans were pursuing the development of supernatural weaponry. Unwilling to allow the enemy unchecked access to any means of attack, they turned to their countrymen most versed in the supernatural. As the result, the first squad of supernatural soldiers was created under the name Blackwatch.

Britain recruited Aleister Crowley, notorious magician and self-proclaimed "Beast". The United States, on the other hand, turned to the Army Chaplain Corps for metaphysical guidance.

At first, the D.O.W. was concerned only with analysis, poring over reports and intelligence gathered by the Office of Strategic Services. The D.O.W. began taking a more active role in the war, working closely with their British counterparts on missions ranging from the acquisition of powerful supernatural relics to psychic assassination.

The full extent of the occult war may never be known, but the D.O.W. has been involved in every major conflict and Cold War operation of the last sixty years. And that's just the ones we know about.

During the event of Clive Baker's Jericho, the Blackwatch squad now under the new name, Jericho tries to stop Leech from unleashing the First Born.

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