A Flamethrower attacking Cole while she's reloading her weapon.

Flamethrowers are one of the World War II era units in the game. They are first seen on one of the levels where the Jericho squad enter a narrow tunnel. They are also a slow moving unit like the Machinegunner. Sometimes, they would run up to the Jericho team where their speed would get a significant boost. Flamethrowers' attack damage are very deadly in the short to medium range distance. Most players that played the game know these creatures are notorious for killing the Jericho squad without any difficulties.


The standard method to fight a Flamethrower is to move back from its flamethrower and keep the creature from your distance. You can also shoot its small tank close to its head where it would explode in a couple of seconds. This will make the Flamethrower charge at the Jericho squad.

Omega Team:

  • Rawlings - Any options of his pistol are useful against Flamethrowers. It's best to use the standard method.
  • Church - A combination of Blood Ward and then you can use the Katana or her pistol.
  • Black - Headshots are useful to take them down. The first one would stun them and second one is the kill. Ghost Bullet and her grenade launcher are also acceptable to use.

Alpha Team:

  • Delgado - Standard method with a combination of Ababinili.
  • Jones - His shotgun takes only one shot to take down a Flamethrower. A good strategy for this is to run up to a Flamethrower and kill it while its in cover.If it's charging at the squad, then standard method with the assault rifle.
  • Cole - Remote grenades are lethal against Flamethrowers.