Delgado fighting a Grenadier.

Grenadiers are one of the World War II era units in Clive Barker’s Jericho. They play a supporting role to other World War II beasts. Grenadier's common attack is a single mortar that's shot in the sky until it hits the ground, causing lethal damage to any units nearby. Their second attack is a barrage of mortars that can be launched at short distances to medium distances. This attack method will only be in used if either of the Jericho members are in close quarters with the Grenadiers. They also have a melee attack that can kill one of the members in just one slash.


Bravo Team:

  • Father Paul Rawlings - Running and gunning is the standard way to kill Grenadiers when using Rawlings.
  • Sgt. Billie Church - A mixture of running and gunning and using her Blood Ward should be useful enough to kill the Grenadiers with ease. Keep in mind that Church's gun is weak, so it's recommended to aim for the head.
  • Lt. Abigail Black - Her grenade launcher is excellent against them. However, it's more satisfying to use her Ghost Bullet ability and control the bullet to the head. The method is useful once the Grenadiers are out of cover.

Alpha Team:

  • Sgt. Frank Delgado - It's best to run and gun against Grenadiers at medium distances. You have the choice to use his pistol or minigun. It's also useful to use his fire spirit if they are weakened enough.
  • Capt. Xavier Jones - His shotgun can take them down in a single shot. This makes Jones a very useful choice to take Grenadiers down once he's in the right range.
  • Cpl. Simone Cole - Use her ability to slow down time, go to a Grenadier, and drop a grenade. It's good to repeat this method if there are more. It's best to watch out for the time limit when Infinite Loop is close to making Cole lose contact with reality.