15612 Roman enemy Legionary 07 normal

They are intimidating just as they look.

Legionaries are the twisted remains of the 25th Legion, encountered during the Roman era. They are the first new units that players will encounter in the fourth act of the game. They can take quite a beating, and their spear can kill some of the Jericho squad in one hit if they decide to throw it. Legionaries seem to be more smarter than the Warrior Crusaders due to them relying on their shields more effectively than them.


Omega Team:

  • Rawlings - It's best to stay back and use your explosive rounds. Try to shoot the Legionary's feet.
  • Church - You have to use her Blood Ward ability. Church is completely weak against a solo Legionary and fighting a group is essentially a death wish. With her ability being active, she can instantly kill them with ease and not have to struggle on the battlefield.
  • Black - She's easily the best character to use in the Bravo Team. You can either wait for them to show their head while hiding behind their shield or use her Telekinesis to stun them and head shot them with a bullet from her sniper.

Alpha Team:

  • Delgado - It's best use his fire dragon to kill them. His potent amount of health will allow players to play it more aggressively and if they choose to, use his minigun and try to shoot at their exposed parts.
  • Jones - Jones is not really the right character to use if you don't think about using his Blood Ward spell. You may want to be careful when using it and once you've successfully pulled it off, just head shot them.
  • Cole - Her gun isn't going to do much. Players will want to rely on her grenades and the impact mode will be the wise choice. Be careful with the explosives though!