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Abigail Black was raised in Fairbanks, Alaska, the only child of an avid hunter that desperately wanted a son but got a tomboy instead. Her mother died from complications of Abigail Black's caesarean birth. The pressure of poverty, single parenthood and worsening alcoholism led to Black's father to physically and sexually abuse her for most of her life. Windows would spontaneously break and flying objects followed their worse fights, which convinced the deeply superstitious man that his daughter was possessed.

Her father tried to "exorcise" her with a hot iron, leaving her permanently scarred and him with a paralytic stroke. Black escaped from her agonizing life by joining the Army at the earliest possible age. She was skilled with the rifle and it earned her an instructing position at Fort Benning's renowned sniper school. She excelled in the Army, breaking records for her marksmanship whilst she thrived on discipline and order within the ranks.


  • Ghost Bullet - Shoots a mind-driven projectile where Black can manipulate telekinetically. Black may pierce through multiple enemies.The ghost bullet can be used as a scouting skill. You may turn sharp corner with it. Ghost bullets do not consume ammo but must recharge after every use.
  • Telekinesis - Use a telekinetic force capable of moving heavy objects to solve puzzles and stun enemies at close range. During a mission, the telekinesis evolves into pyrokinesis. Able to stun and burn enemies at close range.

Note: Continuous use on a target already stunned will not work.


Primary Weapon[]

  • Flash Thought: Custom US XM-110 Sniper Rifle
    • Max. Ammo Capacity: 50
    • Magazine Capacity: 5

Secondary Weapon[]

  • Flash Thought: Mounted single-chamber grenade launcher
    • Max Ammo Capacity: 10

Tactical Analysis[]

Black is actually one of the popular character that most players like to play out of the Jericho team. Black's Ghost Bullet is very useful at close range if you manage to control the bullet toward the head. Her grenade launcher is very useful for destroying Explosive Cultists, which its only takes a single shot to kill them. Black won't be able to handle at close range if there's too many enemies attacking at her. However, Telekinesis can help, prevent any enemies coming too close to her. Her telekinesis stuns enemies in close range but, won't be effective if continually used.