Church getting hurt by a Machinegunner.

Machinegunners are one of the World War II era units in the game. They are first seen on the "The Path of Souls" level. They move slow and usually are grouped with another Machinegunner, or a Flamethrower and Grenadier. Their weapon is a standard machine gun that's effective in short to long range. The weapon gets more lethal if the Jericho squad is too close to the Machinegunner.


Machinegunners are accurate and they can be a pain. Fighting them with a cover is extremely useful. The standard method to fight them is to "cover and shoot."

Omega Team:

  • Rawlings - Explosive pistols are great against them weather they are at far or close range. His fragments and automatic pistols are powerful at medium to close range. Basically, Rawlings is really good against Machinegunners. However, he needs to take cover oftenly due to his low amount of hit points.
  • Church - Church is by the far weakest character to use against these creatures. It's best to "cover and fire." It's also good to use her Blood Ward depending on the situation
  • Black - Headshots are lethal against them. About two shots, they will be down. Her grenade launchers and Ghost Bullet are both excellent ways to kill Machinegunners while using the standard method.

Alpha Team:

  • Delgado - Empty out his dragon spirit at short to medium range if one Machinegunner is getting to close to the team. After that, it's best to completely cover and shoot the minigun rentlessly.
  • Jones - His Bloodward spell is deadly against them. Basically if they are paralyzed, he can run up to a Machinegunner and use only one shotgun shell for a quick kill. His Blood Ward is also useful when using the standard method.
  • Cole - Her Infinite Loop is dependable against Machinegunners. You can either run to one and shoot its head untill it's dead. The other way is to use grenades and throw one by one and get out of the location before it blows up.