Was the head of the Al-Khali outpost. She was the only person at the outpost left alive when the Jericho team arrived. Ross and Rawlings met her at the outpost base which she was hiding in and after Rawlings convinced her that it was him the two embraced and she gave them intel on Leech and told them what happened, the two then left to help the rest of the Jericho team who were under attack leaving Green alone but promising to come back for her. However, Leech knew that the Jericho squad would use the intel she gave them to find him so he ordered the cultist creatures to attack the base. The team raced back to the base to save Muriel but arrived to late. They found Muriel`s mutilated corpse in a pool of blood inside the base, butchered by the creatures. Rawlings was deeply upset by Greens death as they had been romantically involved in Prague years before the events of the game although he still cared about her.

Muriel is voiced by actress and voice-actress Kimberly Brooks who is well known for voicing characters like Ashley Williams from the Mass Effect series and Oracle from Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham City.